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Flying Across Country

A forty year old adult male atheist is in the window seat of a plane about to take off across the country.  A fourteen year old girl is in the aisle seat reading a book.  The middle seat is empty.

He says to the girl, "Hey, would you like to have a conversation?  It’ll be fun and help make the time pass quickly."

She looks up and says, "Maybe ... what would we talk about?"

He says, "Oh, maybe whether or not God exists and what happens after we die."

She say, "Huh, sounds interesting.  But first I have a question for you.  A deer, a cow, and a horse all eat pretty much the same stuff, but a deer poops out pellets, a cow those big fat patties, and a horse those artichoke-shaped things.  Why is that?"

The guy is impressed by her precociousness, and figures he owes her an honest answer.  "I don’t know" he says.

She replies, "Well, what makes you think you are qualified to talk about God and the afterlife when you don’t know shit?"

from Lisa Tansey

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