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A Young Parrish Priest

A parish priest giving confession every Sunday got to know the voices of everyone in the confession box.

This man was telling all his sins: using bad words, being mean to his brothers and sisters...

The priest didn’t recognize the voice of this particular man, so before he gave the penance he asked him: "are you from around these parts, are ya from here?"

"No, I’m just in town with the circus."

"Well, you're very welcome, glad to have you in the parish.  What do you do in the circus?"

" I’m a trapeze artist."

I’ve never seen a circus performer before, can you do a bit of a demonstration?"

So they finished up and he went out and proceeded to do a series of cartwheels all the way down the middle of the church.

At the back of the chapel, observing all this, there was an old lady.Tumbler

When she saw this in action she said: "if that’s the kind of penance he’s giving out today, I’m going to have to go home and put on some underwear."

from Karl Dise

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