Southern Cuisine

A lady from New York was traveling in the South — through West Virginia to be exact — and she decided that she wanted to sample some southern cuisine.  So she pulled off the turnpike, drove a ways, and stopped at a local establishment which advertised southern cooking.

She looked over the menu, and decided to try a mess of greens. (Which is a combination of various greens, along with some pig fat for flavor.)

Um-m-m.  They were mighty good.  But she got to eating a bit too fast, and got a chunk of pig fat caught in her throat.  She tried to politely cough a bit.  Then she tried a little harder.  Then harder still.  But nothing happened.  It was stuck real good.

Her face turned red, then white, as she struggled to breathe.  Just as her face was starting to turn blue, two good ole boys in the corner booth walked over in front of her table, one of them undid his coveralls and dropped his drawers, and the other come up behind him and started smooching his butt.  Smo‑o‑o‑otch.

Well, the lady from New York was so offended, and so grossed out, that she had a spasm right then and there and out popped that ole piece of pig fat — p-tung — and it went a-sailin’ across the room.

She sputtered a bit, color started returning to her face, the one good ole boy hitched up his drawers, and they both went back and set down in their booth.

By and by, one leans over to the other and says,  "Boy, howdy.  That Hind Lick Manuever shore does work, dudn’t it."