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Preachin’ About Sex

So the preacher and his wife were sitting at the breakfast table on Sunday morning.  And she asked, "What are you going to preach about today?"

He replied,  "I’ve come up with a real good sermon.  I’m going to preach about horseback riding."

"Well", she says,  "I don’t see how that’s got a thing to do with the Bible and I can’t imagine what kind of a sermon you could possibly come up with.  I’m not going to church today."

On his way to the church the preacher gets to thinking about it and decides:  "Maybe she’s right – horseback riding isn’t such a good topic.  I think I’ll preach about sex instead."

The preacher’s wife decides that since she’s not going to church she might as well go grocery shopping.  She’s in the grocery store when church lets out and a couple of women from church come in and see her there.  One of the women says,  "We missed you at church today.  Your husband sure preached a good sermon."

And the preacher’s wife replies,  "Well, I don’t see how it could have been so good.  He don’t know nothing about it.  He’s only done it twice and both times was before we got married.  And, he fell off both times."

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