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The Hood Ornament

Little dumpy guy walks into an antique nick-nack shop.

He walks around the shop looking at this and that, perusing the merchandise, grabbing a piece and putting it back, grabing another and putting it back.  This goes on for about an hour.  The owner was having a bad day so he finally went up to the little man and said, "You’ve been here for quite a while, are you going to buy anything or should I charge space rent?"

Stuffed Rat

The little guy looks around for a bit and finally points at a nearby shelf, "How much is that stuffed rat?"  The owner, grateful to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel answers, "A buck! I’ll take a dollar for it."  The guy says "sold!" and the deal is done.

The little guy goes out to his car with his purchase and, taking a piece of twine, ties the stuffed rat to his hood ornament.  "This will be cool" he thinks.  He gets in, starts up his car and begins driving down main street.

As he’s driving along, he hears some squeaking noises behind his car.  Glancing in his rear view mirror he notices a considerable line of mice and rats following his car.  He accelerates a bit to try to outrun them and more and more mice and rats come pouring out of the surrounding buildings and follow him in his car.  He goes faster.  Soon thousands of mice and rats have flooded out of the buildings and have formed a huge mass of Rodentia following behind him and his car with more every second arriving to join the mass.

He spots the water ahead of him and races his car onto the pier at the edge of town, jumping out of his door onto the surface of the pier just as his car flies into the water — which is followed by nearly every rat and mouse in town joining the car in the bay.

The little guy picks himself up, races back down Main Street to the antique shop, throws open the door and yells out....

"Got a BANJO!?"

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