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Another Genie...

So an Irishman was walking along a beach.  Wedged in the rocks at the edge of the surf he spies an old bottle.  So he goes and picks it up.  It’s muddy.  There’s an old label.  So he rubs it.

Begorra!  Out comes a huge Genie.  The Irishman reels backwards.  Then he thinks: "Hey!  Wishes!"


It seems like the Genie is reading his mind.  He growls "Ya don’t get three wishes.  I’m not that kind of a Genie."

The Irishman is speechless.  Maybe for the first time.

The Genie says "Thanks for getting me out of the bottle.  So here’s what I’ll give ye.  You get one of two things.  Either incredible wealth, or all the wisdom in the world.  Now which do ye want?"

The Irishman is still speechless.  But his mind is racing.  "Which one?  Maybe it’s a trick?  Is there a catch?  What to do, what to do?"

The Genie is starting to look impatient.  "Well, which is it, lad?"

Finally the Irishman blurts out: "I’ll take all the wisdom."

Poof!!  There’s a huge flash of light, and the Genie disappears.

The Irishman slaps his forehead.  "Ach!  I should have taken the money!"

from Mick Bolger

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