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Used to be a thing.  Way back when.  A pilot would show up with his biplane at a local community airport.  And offer rides for $10.  Lots of folks would take him up on it.  One old farmer really wanted to go up, but didn't want to part with the $10.  ($10 was worth a lot more back then.)  He finally went up and talked to the pilot: "I shore would like a ride in that there aeroplane.  Is there any way you can come down on the price a bit?"

The pilot, feeling confident in his abilities, said "Pay me $10 and if I don’t hear a scream or a holler, I’ll give it back to you at the end of the ride.  Then it’ll be free.  Your wife can go up, too."  The pilot, of course, thought that this was a sure $10.  If the old farmer was able to keep quiet, his wife was sure to scream.

The old farmer talked it over with his wife, and she wanted to go up as well, and agreed to the terms.  She said she wouldn’t make a sound.  The old farmer climbed in, with his wife behind him.  Up they went.

The pilot slipped one way, then the other, dived, climbed, rolled, twisted, turned, and finished off with a loop-de-loop.  Not a sound from his passengers.  He finally gave up and landed the plane. Then yelled at the old farmer: "What’d you think of that?  I didn’t hear a sound out of you!"

The old farmer replied, "Well, I almost said something when the wife fell out, but you know, ten dollars is ten dollars."

from Wilmer Ritchie

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