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How Insurance Works

After Mrs. O’Toole’s barn burned down, she called her insurance agent to file a claim.

She told the insurance man, "We had that barn insured for ten thousand Euros, and we need that money immediately!"

"Just a minute there, Mrs. O’Toole," the agent replied.  "Insurance doesn’t work quite like that."

"What do ye mean?!" she said.  "The policy here says €10,000!"

"That’s a maximum," the insurance man said.  "What we do is ascertain the value of what was insured, and then provide you with a new one of comparable worth."

After a long pause, she replied "That’s how insurance works?!"

"Absolutely," the agent said.

"Well then," she said, "I’d like to cancel the policy on me husband immediately!"

from Rodger Hara, in the Celtic Connection

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