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The Birth Announcement

A man and his wife tried and tried to have a baby, but without success.  Years went by and they went on trying, but no luck.  They liked each other, so the work was always a pleasure, but they grew a bit sad along the way.  Finally, she got pregnant, was very careful, and gave birth to a beautiful eight-pound-two-ounce baby boy.  The couple were beside themselves with happiness.  At the hospital that night, she told her husband to stop by the local newspaper and arrange for a birth announcement, to tell all their friends the good news.  First thing next morning, she asked if he’d done the errand.

"Yes, I did," he said, "but I had no idea those little notices in the paper were so expensive."

"Expensive?" she said. "How much was it?"

"It was eight hundred and thirty-seven dollars.  I have the receipt."

"Eight hundred and thirty-seven dollars!" she cried.  "But that’s impossible.  You must have made some mistake.  Tell me exactly what happened."

"There was a young lady behind a counter at the paper, who gave me the form to fill out," he said.  "I put in your name and my name and little Josh’s name and weight, and when we’d be home again and, you know, ready to see friends.  I handed it back to her and she counted up the words and said, ‘How many insertions?’  I said ‘twice a week for fourteen years,’ and she gave me the bill.  O.K.?"

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