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Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo Ball Soup

An American tourist in Spain goes to a fancy restaurant and notices that they’re serving matzo ball soup.  He calls the waiter over and says: "I’d like a bowl of that matzo ball soup."

The waiter says, "Señor, this is not matzo ball soup.  Those are the testicles of the bull that was killed in the ring today."

"Well, Okay," says the tourist, "then I’ll have some of that."

"I’m sorry Señor, there are only a few bulls every Sunday, so if you want the special soup, you have to order it at least a week in advance."


"Okay, then I’ll order it for next week."

"Very good, Señor," says the waiter.

A week later the tourist comes back and asks for the special soup.  But when it arrives, he sees that the testicles are quite tiny.  He calls the waiter over and says "Last week when I was here the soup had big testicles in it.  These are very small.  What’s the story?"

"Señor," says the waiter with a sigh, "sometimes the bull wins."

from Don Morreale in Locker Room Banter

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