Father O’Flynn in his Wee Red Sports Car

Then there was the good Father O’Flynn out in his wee red sports car and it stalls on him.  He pulls over the verge.  A voice says, "Check the distributor."  Nobody there at all, at all.  But he checks and sure enough there’s a loose wire so he plugs her in, car starts up, he thinks nobody’s gonna believe this, so he does a u-turn and goes back to the village.

First pub, landlord says, "Fadder you’re white as a sheet, look like you’ve seen a ghost.  Are you alright now?"

Fadder says, "I’m out me little red car and she stalls.  Voice says, 'Check the distributor.'  Nobody there.  I look over the ditch, nobody.  Check under the hood, sure enough there’s a loose wire.  So here I am give me a stout – take the foam off the top now."

Landlord says, "Was it by that farm at the crossroads?"


"And was there a big pasture there with a big boulder in it?"

"Yeh there was, you know the place?"

"Now tell me Fadder, was there a big white work horse there in the pasture?"

"Yeh, that's right, now you mention it."

"Ah, thank Christ it wasn’t the black one, he knows nuffin about cars."