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Schnauzer Going Deaf?


A woman discovers that her schnauzer is going deaf.  She takes it to a veterinarian, who tells her, "Actually, the problem is that the hair in his ears is too thick.  My recommendation is that you go to the pharmacy and buy some Nair.  Rub it into his ears and that’ll thin it out so he can hear better."

She goes to the pharmacy and asks for a container of Nair.  "If you’re using this on your arms, don’t put any suntan lotion on them for a week," advises the pharmacist.

"Oh, it’s not for my arms," she replies.

"Well then, if you’re using it on your legs, no suntan lotion there for a week," he says.

"It’s not for my legs either," she replies. "It’s for my schnauzer."

"In that case," says the pharmacist, "stay off your bike for a week."

from Don Morreale in Locker Room Banter

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