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Texas Hoedown

A New Yorker moves to a ranch in Texas.  One day, sitting out on his front porch, he sees a Jeep coming over the hill and heading his way.  It pulls into his driveway and out jumps a cowboy.

Texas Cowboy

"I’m your neighbor from up over yonder," he says.  "Really glad to see ya.  We ain’t had no neighbors here in ten years.  In fact we’re so tickled that we’re gonna have us a gen-u-wine Texas hoedown in your honor at my place tonight."

"Well, that’s very kind of you," says the New Yorker.

"Now, I need to tell you," says the cowboy, "that there may be some drinkin’ and a-dancin’."

"Well sure," says the New Yorker.

"And there may even be a little fuckin’ and fightin’."

"Well this is Texas, after all," says the New Yorker.  "What should I wear?"

"Oh, it don’t matter," says the cowboy.  "It’s just gonna be you and me."

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