Wu Chen was a city-boy.  His father owned two restaurants.  He was suave; he was cool as he zoomed around Shanghai on his motorbike.  He was worldly and out-going, and wore cool clothes.

Mai Wen was a country-girl.  Her father was a poor farmer in Szechwan.  She was simple and unsophisticated, shy and slender and good-looking.  That fall she moved to Shanghai to live with her sister and attend the University.

The city-boy also enrolled that fall.  He didn’t think he would learn anything he didn’t already know, but being a University student was cool.

As fate would have it, they found themselves together in the first class of the day.

She was impressed by this sophisticated city-boy.  She stole glances at his good looks.

Wu Chen noticed the country-girl, too.  She was beautiful.  She blushed when he looked at her.  He had to find a way to meet her.

Their first meeting was awkward.  He was tongue-tied (which was unusual for him).  She was shy and stared at the ground.

But soon they were in love.  They wanted to go everywhere and do everything together.

Both their families noticed.  Soon there were wedding plans ...

The night of their wedding, the city-boy was suave and he wanted to please his wonderful new bride.  "Honey, on your wedding night you can have anything you want.  I want to make you so happy."

She looked shyly at her feet, and didn’t say a word.

"Really, my beautiful Water Lily, I will do anything you want.  Just tell me."

She looked down at her feet.  "Well," she said, as she started to blush, "I’ve heard of this 69.  Have you heard of this?"

"Of course," he said confidently.

"On my wedding night, could I have this ... 69?" she stammered.

"No problem!   But ...

You want Garlic Chicken with Snow Peas?"