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Budget Beer

A man was out shopping with his wife when he spotted 12 cans of lager for $10.  As he was about to put them in the cart his wife said "what are you doing with them lagers?"

The husband replied, "$10 for 12 cans of lager is a great bargain."

"Put ’em back, we can’t afford them" said the wife, and the husband complied.

The couple walked a few more aisles to skin care where his wife picked up a bottle of face cream that costs $20 and put it in the cart.  The husband objected, "What do you want that for?  It’s $20 and we can’t afford it."

The wife said, "It’s my face cream and it makes me look young and beautiful."

Husband: "So does 12 cans of larger and it’s half the price."

from the Celtic Connection

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