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Genie - This one's on me!

A man walks into a bar,

Sitting on the bar is an old antique looking oil lamp, "What's this?" the man queries the barkeep.

"I dunno," says the bar man, "1 think the. last customer may have left it."

The man turns the lamp, looking at it, and notices a couple of spots. He polishes it with his shirt sleeve and then....

Poof!  Smoke emits from ihe lamp and a genie appears.

Like all genies, he uses the opening line of: "I will grant you three wishes,"

"After recovering from his surprise the man thinks, for a second and then says, "Turn Greg Abbott into a pregnant woman confined to a small house with no power or A/C or working fridge due to our Texas power grid failing on a 104 degree day."

A wry smile crosses the genie's face, and he says, "this one is on me!""

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