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Sweet Phylinda				

© Chris Kermiet, 1999

Sweet Phylinda
at the fried chicken winda —
Oh! You steal my heart away!
Your innocent eyes and your tender voice —
Why, you’re my first fried chicken choice.
And so I see you, day after day,
never knowing quite what to say.
I usually just order a chicken dinner
at Sweet Phylinda's chicken winder.

I wonder what her mother thinks of her,
letting her come here day after day,
her youthful years being stolen away
by an old and gray Kentucky Colonel.
Eternal mystery, my Sweet Phylinda,
why you stay at this fried chicken winda.

I worship you like a good chicken dinner,
Sweet Phylinda, kind blue eyes,
a little on the plumb side, with chicken thighs.
My eyes get misty whenever she sighs,
"Regular, or Extra Crispy."

Sweet Phylinda,
at the fried chicken winda,
I worship all your chicken parts.
Phylinda, sweet fried chicken mystery,
you've stolen away my chicken-heart!