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The Saga

I was permanently banned from FaceBook (mid-September).  I don’t think I was treated fairly.  But there’s apparently no recourse.  Here’s the scoop:

Apparently, someone hacked into my FaceBook page.  He showed up as a new friend, but I never friended him or responded to a friend request.  (I never do, unless it’s someone I actually know — how’d he do that?)  At any rate, he posted kiddie porn on my page . As soon as I received a notification from FB, I promptly went to my FaceBook page, saw what happened, and deleted the kiddie porn.  Then I unfriended this person.  (No, I don’t remember his name — it started with a "Y".)  I also immediately changed my password.  I thought that was sufficient to deal with the problem.  Then FaceBook deleted my account.  There was an Appeal Button, which I clicked. but wasn’t given any chance to explain, or have any kind of interaction with a human.

It looks like my account is permanently disabled, with no chance for a dialog or appeal.  I’m still pretty pissed, and miss the interactions I’ve had with many of you on FaceBook . I’m moving to another Social Media channel.  Not sure what at this point.  But I will crosspost.  In the meantime, I’m opening a new FaceBook account.  It will still be me, but with my middle initial added.

—Chris W. Kermiet