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Am I authentically in this world? Well... yes.  But am I of  this world?  Not so certain of that.  Maybe it's just the way I perceive this world — its people, its shadows, its contradictions, its spirits.  That all comes out in these poems — my uncomfort­able­ness with this world.

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I’ve always believed that poems were aural creatures — that is, they were meant to be heard.  Not seen.  And that the score — the organization of the words on the page — was merely a guide to the performer.
    — K1  (bio) 


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Never underestimate an old man    

Morty and the Vet    

A Cajun Confession    

Deer Camp    

Speedy Juggler    

Two Reindeer    

What Parents Do for a Living    

Texas Hoedown    

Two Ladies Drinking Tea    

Lawyer Who Gave Me The Crabs    

Farmer Joe’s Lawsuit    

Rooster Puzzle    

Nuns in Dublin    

Now They’re Congressmen    

Three Brazilian Soldiers    

Senior Living    

Mitch and the Frog    

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